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Midnight Kiss Giveaway Hop

I’m really excited to be participating in the Midnight Kiss Giveaway hop today. This first kiss excerpt is from my novel, If Only. After the excerpt is information on two giveaways, so make sure you stick around.

Their First Kiss
Her hands trembled as she nervously wound her arms around his neck. She was sixteen years old. A dozen thoughts ran through her mind. Should she close her eyes or leave them open? Should she have brushed her teeth again or at least used a breath mint? What if she wasn’t a good kisser? What if she was lousy at it? Would Scott dump her if this kiss didn’t meet his expectations?

Then it was too late for her worries and second thoughts. His fingers reached for a wayward lock of her auburn hair. He wound the errant curl around the delicate shell of her ear. She closed her eyes as the musky scent of his cologne reached her nostrils. His mouth came down to meet hers, and for the first time in her life, Bree Montgomery glimpsed a sliver of heaven.

I’m giving away a copy of If Only to one person who comments below, so make sure you leave your name and your email address.

Also, there’s a grand prize across all the blogs: a $25 book voucher for Liquid Silver Books. Your comment here is one entry, and make sure you visit all the other awesome blogs in the linky list below for more kisses, prizes, and chance at the grand prize!

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